Martha & Friends Charity Match Dog-Show 3 April!

A Match Dog Show is an informal dog show typically organised by breed clubs and dog sport clubs as practice for young dogs and their owners or those wanting to practice, with guidance from experienced handlers and/or dog show judges.

In our case, it is the culmination of several weeks of Ring Training workshops held by our Guest Trainer Isabel Weber, a well know breeder and professional handler of show dogs. This Match show aims to practice what we have learned ahead of the springtime dog-show season (in particular, the forthcoming Luxembourg International Dog-Show 16-17.4).

However, we welcome all dogs and their owners wanting to practice their showing and handling skills in a dog show-like atmosphere, and who wish to have fun – including all breeds and mixed breeds alike!

To provide the dogs with a maximum of practice and to simulate the atmosphere of a dog-show, the show will be held inside in Martha & Friends’ indoor training area. We have the honour of welcoming as judge, Mr. Paul Jentgen, member of the Board of Directors of the Luxembourg Federation Cynologique (FCL) and respected international show-judge for several FCI breed groups. Paul has been judging show dogs since 1984 when breeding and showing German Shepherds.

Classes offered:

Round 1 – judging will start at 14.00H.

Puppy Class (up to 9 months)

Open Class Big Dogs (over 15 kgs)

Open Class Small Dogs (up to 15 kgs)

Round 2 – judging to start after the end of the previous Class.

Puppy Class (up to 9 months)

Open Class Big Dogs (over 15 kgs)

Open Class Small Dogs (up to 15 kgs)


For those participants who want to have more than one dog in one class, you are free to register in any other class – after all, this is about practicing and having fun!

Doors to the training area will be open from 13.00H.

Participants may choose to enter one round (either round 1 or round 2) or both rounds 1 and 2. Entrance fee € 15/per dog/per class. Prizes for all participants. Coffee and tea will be served in between the classes.

This event will be arranged in support and solidarity towards the Ukrainian Kennel Union and Ukrainian breeders badly affected by the war, either living in Ukraine or having fled to neighbouring countries. To this aim, all and any participant fees over the cost of arranging this match show will be donated to a bank account recently setup by the Féderation Cynologique International (FCI). More details on this bank account and the responsible FCI Committee can be found here:

If you wish to donate funds beyond the entry fees, we shall forward these directly to this account in full transparency. To register, please write to, stating the name, breed (or type) and age of your dog, as well as providing your contact details. Participation fees will be invoiced, including the amount you wish to donate if you would like to do so (please indicate on your registration any additional donation amount).

Close of entries 28.3.2022.

If you have any questions, please call Carina on 621 146 096.

Join us for a Sunday afternoon of fun and practice!

Author:Carina Hellemaa