A Doggie Christmas At Martha & Friends

Look your holiday best!

Martha & Friends has 6 days of grooming with appointments available before your dog makes their holiday appearance!
Our professional groomers offer a full grooming service from bathing, drying, clipping, brushing and hand stripping according to breed standard requirements or as requested by the owner. Teeth and ear cleaning included upon request or separately. We also hand strip the breeds or types of dogs which require this, such as terriers and other wire-haired dogs.

Appointments are available 11 December & 13-17 December.

Appointments can be made by sending a message to or by phone: +352 621 146 096.

When writing to us, please send us information on the following:

  • Breed of your dog, age, current state of coat (last grooming appointment, if any)
  • How often has your dog been groomed, and any relevant information on this
  • Preferred style of grooming (hand stripped, clipped or style desired)

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Author:Carina Hellemaa