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Over 30 years of dog ownership, we have chosen our most beloved products in our boutique

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We carry high quality products we know have brought our pets so much joy and benefit over the years. From toys to chews, bowls to beds and coats to collars, we have tried and loved all of them. Come and see our range in-store today.

Brands we stock



PAIKKA was born from the need of great pet essentials that are designed from the dog’s perspective and are long lasting even in the tough seasonal conditions of the Finnish nature. We always choose the most environmentally friendly materials when possible without compromising the safety and necessary features of the product.

Nina Ottosson

'Busy mind - happy dogs' - this is the slogan of Nina Ottosson's dog puzzles and toys! Nina Ottoson’s range of durable interactive toys have been designed to stimulate a dog’s brain while reinforcing his relationship with the people he plays the games with.

Pomppa Coats

As you can see, we are fans of Pomppa coats of Finland - fabulous coats for all types of bad weather - icy cold to summer rain. Key is to keep dogs’ muscles warm, like the athletes which they are. Created by an agility enthusiast, these coats allow for maximum movement and freedom!


A touch of Italian luxury and incomparable quality for your dog: The beautiful Malucchi leads, collars and accessories have been made in Florence by master craftsmen for over 40 years. We have the pleasure of offering several of the beautiful lines of this brand.

Our dogs just love to snuggle in their bathrobes and warmup capes after their muddy walks and showers! Wrap your wet dog in one of these comfortable robes, and they will be dry in no time!

Dog Copenhagen

We love the balanced mix of quality, functionality and classic Danish design from this young Nordic band. Designed for everyday urban as well as off-road adventures, Dog Copenhagen harnesses, collars and leads have been a hit at Martha’s Boutique since we opened!


Another wonderful Nordic brand: the Orbiloc Safety Light is a Danish-made high quality LED Safety Light designed to keep you and your dog safe in the dark. Wearing the waterproof Orbiloc Safety Light clipped onto your dog’s harness, lead or collar, as well as yourself, means increased visibility – up to a distance of 5 kilometres – and keeps you both safe in the dusk or nightfall.


Smart, rugged, comfortable, and stylish, Hurtta dog apparel and gear is designed to help dogs and their owners get more out of every journey. Hurtta products support the outdoor activities that dogs love, and the company strives to inspire endless exploration with every product they design.


The Center has many cozy spaces where you can relax and sit with a good book! The reading corner in Martha's Boutique has a nice collection of German and English dog books in stock. We also have some travel books so that you can dream of the days that you can travel again!


Greenheart Premiums

Containing organic ingredients, without artificial flavorings or additives, this brand offers 20 different recipes, tailored to the individual requirements and energy needs of dogs – from puppyhood to adulthood and senior age requirements, high performance and active dogs to more sedentary types as well as specific veterinary needs, from anti-allergy to liver and kidney protection. Greenheart also provides a great range of snacks and dietary supplements.


High protein range of foods (80/20%, both dry and wet) enriched with fruits, herbs and vegetables. Single protein base, ethically produced and short cooking times – and delicious!

Barking Heads

Barking Heads - wet and dry dog food. Ethically produced dog food, both dry and wet, using only high-quality meat from free-range animals with plenty of garden vegetables. Only natural ingredients, no additives. The range covers all ages from puppy to senior, for small dogs and large, as well as "Fat Dog Slim" diet food.


Q-Chefs - Designed to ensure dental hygiene through a peptide complex which attaches to the cell walls of the bacteria eliminating bad breath and dissolving tartar. These crunchy snacks made out of cottage cheese and other healthy ingredients are a well-loved treat before bedtime snack - the best thing since the invention of tooth brushing!

Eat Small

Eat Small - Delicious, nutritional, ethically produced insect-based snacks. Insect proteins contain all 20 amino acids that carnivores like dogs need. Although small, the insects in these treats reach or surpass the nutritional qualities of meat in many aspects. Their high protein content makes them particularly interesting for dogs. They are raised in certified farms, which meet all European standards of production and hygiene.And what makes them unique? Their minimal ecological footprint! These treats are also particularly suited to dogs with allergies.

Nutrolin Oils

Nutrolin Oils - Specifically developed nutritional oils for dogs which promote healthy skin and shiny coats, and address dryness and allergy related skin problems – great to help protect paws "from the inside" in the winter and summer.


RAUH! - ethically produced in Finland, additive free moose and bull hide chews and snacks. These moose dog chews are made from 100% genuine Nordic moose hide. The moose (Alces alces) is a natural wild animal whose diet is unaffected by humans. The moose hide dog chew is a natural product and doesn't contain any allergens, making it suitable for dogs with allergies. RAUH! also uses the most expensive and durable part of the hide, the upper layer, for the moose hide dog chews. This is what gives the dog chew its unique appearance and excellent durability. No artificial colours or additives are used in the manufacture of RAUH! dog chews, and the are made in production facilities monitored by the Finnish Food Authority.