Cave Beds!

Cave Beds!

Whether your dog is a breed which may be inclined to burrow (like a Dachshund, Jack Russel, or a Beagle), or is just a massive snuggle bug, a cave bed might be the perfect bed for them. 

What is a Cave Bed?  Cave beds vary, some having higher or stiffer arches and some have a soft loose flap like an attached blanket to burrow under. Cave beds are meant to simulate a dog’s natural burrow or the fold of the litter for puppies to provide comfort, security and warmth. You will find your dog retreating to their cave bed when they feel nervous (for example during a thunderstorm) or exhausted. Some cave beds promote deeper sleep or faster physical recovery.

Which dogs benefit most from Cave Beds? While some dogs prefer the floor to a mattress, the dogs who benefit most from a cave bed are puppies and older dogs or dogs who have high anxiety. Dogs who grow up with a cave bed will continue to seek out the soothing effects of their cave. Burrowing breeds like Dachshunds and Chihuahuas and even big breeds like Huskies are also great candidates for a cave bed as the structure harkens back to a den. If your dog enjoys to snuggle under a blanket, they would probably love a cave bed.

The PAIKKA Recovery Cave Bed brings cave beds to another level as they are built with a memory foam mattress to relieve pressure points. The lining inside the cave bed is made of special Far Infared emitting fabric that captures pet’s body heat and re-emits FIR energy back. This boosts the natural recovery process after an active day and helps to improve sleep. We carry both small and large sizes at Martha’s Boutique.

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