Crossdogging – Challenging and fun

A new hobby for you and your dog?

Known as the “Bundesliga of Dog Clubs”, this is a fun activity for you and your dog which allows you to compete with other Crossdogging teams from canine training schools in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The tasks change weekly and are made available to participating dog training schools by the company Crossdogging GbR.

Crossdogging involves circuit training in which two people work on each station. One person completes the given task as often as possible for two minutes, the other counts the number of runs. Then the team swaps and when both have completed the task, it goes on to the next of the 5 stations. The teams are not aware of forthcoming tasks until each training session. The tasks involve several different disciplines within dog sports. Sometimes tricky, sometimes more athletic, from agility and retrieval to body language, circle training and tricks performed by the dogs – there will be something for everyone!

“Taster sessions” which will introduce this highly educational entertaining discipline will held at Martha & Friends as follows:

Monday 26.04.21 from 17.30-18.30
Tuesday 25.05.21 from 11.00-12.00
Saturday 29.05.21 from 12.00-13.00

Author:Carina Hellemaa