Detective Dogs & More!

Why is nosework important for your dog? Every dog has an instinct to hunt and modern nosework courses allow your dog to use their innate ability to detect a particular scent and determine the source. Both pure breeds and mixed breeds, dogs of all ages, and dogs of various temperaments can benefit enormously from nosework. Our trainers have seen shelter dogs and timid or shy dogs gain confidence and really come out of their shell through nosework while reactive or anxious dogs can also have fun with seeking out and finding scents. As you work together as a team and as you depend on your dog to search out the scent (your dog will look at you like “it’s right here, don’t you smell it!”) the trust between you grows and a deeper connection develops. On the other hand, for independent portions of the training or portions where you rely more heavily on your dog, your dog will gain an increased ability to work independently and will display pride in their accomplishments.

Join our guest trainer Simone Adam in a Target Object Search (Zielobjektsuche) Workshop and Weekly courses where your dog will learn detection dog skills.

  • Wednesday 1800-1900 Open Course (28€) starting 5 January
  • Wednesday 1900-2000 Block Course (5 x 1 hour/5 weeks for 125€) starting 5 January
  • Saturday 8 January 1000-1300 (75€)
  • Sunday 30 January 1000-1300 (75€)
  • Saturday 26 February 1000-1300 (75€)
  • Sunday 27 March 1000-1300 (75€)

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Author:Carina Hellemaa