Dog Training

All you need to know about training your dog and more…

Training solutions for your dog

In addition to behavioral counselling and individual one-to-one training, we offer different levels of classes and groups, as well as various activities and fitness classes which develop and challenge you and your dog, fostering working together and having fun! We also provide guidance and help with choosing the dog which you will share your life with. And we cover various interesting topics in our evening lectures, seminars and workshops given by our trainers as well as external speakers.

For all Classes:

New Dogs: If you are coming for the first time, please note that you will need to book a one off introductory appointment (see below) prior to the class unless you are attending our Puppy Group class for which no introductory appointment is required. Your dog should wear a normal dog collar or harness and you should have a standard lead (no retractable leads please). Do bring some favorite treats with you – we have a good selection in Martha’s Boutique if needed.

Martha & Friends have recently been certified by the Luxembourg Ministry of Agriculture as qualified to train all types and breeds of dogs, including breeds listed on the Luxembourg dangerous dog breed list.

Individual Training

Our training is always focused on everyday life and issues. We foster respectful interactions with different human and dog personalities, and our behavioral counselling is not based on any specific “method” but will be tailored to the individual requirements of each owner and dog, and what issues and goals they might have.

Educational Training

At Martha & Friends we believe that every dog has his own personality. Therefore, every dog has individual training needs, and every owner needs support too. Our groups offer an ideal framework for learning new skills or consolidating what has already been learned. The groups include a maximum of 6-8 participants.

Activity Training Groups

To have fun with your dog and to increase the bond between you and your dog are only two arguments why you should join one of our activities with your dog! There are many different activities that humans and dogs can do together. Whether it’s nose work, refining the communication between you and your dog with the help of body language circle training, or crossdogging, where many different activities and challenges are mixed – you can try any or all of these and find out what gives you and your dog the most pleasure and fun!

Our community

Licenses & Special Education

At Martha & Friends we work with a team who are uniquely qualified to help you and your dog through various licensing processes and special education. Our team is also experienced in working with dogs from unique and difficult backgrounds.


In addition to individual and group training courses, we also offer workshops on various topics. Participating in our workshops over a day or a weekend are excellent for focusing on a particular training subject or activity.

Lectures & Webinars

Lectures are held in our “Club House” at Martha & Friends in Munsbach. Webinars are held online on Zoom. You can join a webinar from wherever you are – you just need access to the internet with your laptop or tablet.

Kids & Dogs

If children can gain experiences in dealing with dogs and/or growing up with them, these are wonderful skills for life! However, children should learn how to approach dogs, and how to assess and handle them correctly. We teach your children how to interact with dogs safely and to have fun!