Dog Training


Bond with your dog

Fun and informative

Shared adventures will help you bond even more with your dog and improve your relationship! These experiences are memorable and simply great fun. If you feel like experiencing an adventure with your dog, join us!

Crime Tour with Dogs

With Verena Helfrich

Who for: Dogs from 10 months Date: 15.05.21 15.00-18.00 Location: To be specified

Have you always wanted to solve a criminal case with your dog? Become a member of our team 'K9 special unit', and embark on an exciting Crime Tour! During the tour, we'll collect evidence, note any strange clues, decipher codes and symbols and your dog will be your assistant and a member in the K-9 unit helping us solve an exciting criminal case!

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Adventure Walk

With Anne Barrere

Who for: Dogs from 10 months Date: 27.05.21 12.00-14.00 Location: To be specified

This session is aimed at all dog owners, whether large or small, young or old, and the idea here is to help you create variation and new ideas for your daily walks. You and your dog will discover new ways of collaborating and communicating, and to maintain the close contact with each other despite the distractions offered on your walks.

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