Dog Training

Licenses and Special Education

Licenses for special skills

At Martha & Friends we work with a team who are uniquely qualified to help you and your dog through various licensing processes and special education. Our team is also experienced in working with dogs from unique and difficult backgrounds.

Training for fearful, sensitive and timid dogs

Separation Anxiety Workshop

with Tanja Karpela

Who for: Dogs from 6 months Date: Saturday, 9 March 2024 from 12:30 - 15:00 Location: Martha & Friends

If your dog has had negative experiences with separation in their past or it has inherited its fearful nature, there is a specific technique to use when addressing this emotional issue. We start training with counter conditioning and desensitization. Join our trainer for first hand help in getting your dog to be more comfortable when left alone.

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Other Licenses for Professional Training

Dog Training for Dog Professionals

With Tanja Karpela

Who for: People working with Dogs or who aspire to work with Dogs Date: Currently ongoing. New dates to be announced soon Location: Martha & Friends

With the help of this training, you will learn the terminology of the training and the learning theory on which the exercises are based. In addition, in this course we learn different methods of creating behaviors and strengthen the handler's mechanical training skills. We also learn the dog's subtle signal language, repeat the cornerstones of training and learn to make training plans for our dog.

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Dog Walker Certification Program

with Tanja Karpela

Who for: Aspiring Dog Walkers Date: Currently ongoing. New dates to be announced soon Location: Martha & Friends

Unleash Your Potential: Become a Certified Dog Walker with Martha & Friends! Are you a dog lover eager to turn your passion into a rewarding profession? Our comprehensive course trains future dog walkers to provide top-notch care, fun-filled walks, and safe adventures for your furry friends. Join us to embark on a journey of wagging tails, happy paws, and a fulfilling career. Enrol today and take the first step towards becoming a trusted companion to man’s best friend!

After receiving the diploma, you have the opportunity to work as a Dog Walker at Martha & Friends for dogs that are not suitable for daycare at the facility.

NOTE: All applicants will be required to introduce themselves to our trainers in a 30 minute introductory lesson before being formally accepted into the course.

Week 1: Lecture
Week 2: Leash and collar/harness training
Week 3: Reward marker/release marker - how to reward to maintain motivation - contact/maintaining contact
Week 4: Attention mark and the use of attention mark on walks
Week 5: Where to hold the leash to avoid hand injuries - How to handle leash tangles - how to use the attention mark with many dogs at the same time
Week 6: Manoeuvring stairs
Week 7: Safe enter/exit a vehicle or house
Week 8: How to avoid conflicts among the dogs you’r walking with - What to do when encountering a loose or leashed dog (when you are walking a group of dogs)
Week 9: Heat and Cold precautions, poo management/responsibility.
Week 10: Canine First Aid
Week 11: Exam (The exam consists of 2 sections: theory and practice. Obtaining the diploma requires passing the test.)

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License Course for Luxembourg-Listed Dog Breeds

Tanja Karpela

Who for: Date: 26.01.24, Fridays (5:15pm-7:15pm) and Saturdays (8am-10am), 12 sessions Location: Martha & Friends

Under Luxembourg law, certain dog breeds are considered potentially dangerous, and specific laws apply to their training and ownership.

The import and the purchase of these breeds require a special authorisation from the Ministry of Agriculture, and a person may not own a dog considered dangerous until they have successfully completed a specifically targeted training course and test.

Dogs which are considered potentially dangerous must follow a minimum of 24 hours of behavioural training lessons at a centre authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture. Upon successful completion of the training course the owner of the dog receives a certificate, valid for three years. After three years the certificate must be renewed at an authorised training centre.

Martha & Friends Dog Wellness and its certified trainers has been designated as an authorized dog training center, and we are now offering a course specifically in compliance with the requirements of Law of May 9, 2008, as specified in Article 16(3), and to prepare you and your dog for the requisite test in front of a panel.

Welcome to a useful and high-quality course where all education and dog handling is based on the latest researched knowledge, and it is ethical and reward-based training that supports the well-being of your dog.

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