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In addition to individual training courses and training groups, we also offer workshops. Participation in workshops is particularly useful if you want to deal intensively with a topic.

Target object search - Zielobjektsuche Mini Workshop

With Simone Adam

Who for: Dogs from 6 months Date: New date will follow soon! Location: Martha & Friends

Target object search or ZOS® (in German Zielobjektsuche) is derived from the detection dog work carried out by police dogs. It is an outstanding discipline for all dogs, and the aim is for the dog to sniff out a pre-conditioned search object in a hiding place, and then to mark its location and thus show its handler where the object is. This to be done calmly and as close as possible to the hiding place.

ZOS® increases bonding between dog and handler:
• The dog's main sensory organ is its nose. Here, he can develop his olfactory skills.
• The focus is on social communication and cooperation between human and dog.
• The nervous, hyperactive dog finds a better sense of calm through focus and concentration on the task at hand.
• Insecure and anxious dogs gain more self-confidence and sense of security.
• The intense focus and concentration by the dog is a more intense exercise for the dog than with pure physical exertion. ZOS® affects a dog‘s entire organism due to the intense effort of concentrating and coordinating the brain and nasal work.
• ZOS® is easy to learn and can be practiced almost anywhere, and by all dogs. It is great fun for dogs!

The workshop is an introduction to the world of target object search: Theoretical foundations, practical examples, conditioning on the search object.

I have lived with dogs and other animals since I was a child. In 2011, I discovered ZOS® and was immediately fascinated by this type of nose work. Shortly after that, I started competing in the discipline. Since then, I have been intensively educating myself under the guidance of the developers of ZOS®, Ina and Thomas Baumann. In 2019, I became a certified ZOS® license trainer for family dogs and a ZOS® Sport license candidate.
I speak Luxembourgish, German, French and English.

What do you need for the course
• A clicker;
• Food reward (small, soft treats, cheese cubes, pieces of sausage, ...);
• Search object (a wooden clothes peg, eraser, sturdy leather strip, ...).
Clicker and treats you can also buy in our Martha & Friends boutique.

Please note: This course is in GERMAN.

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