Because your dog deserves to look and feel it’s best!

Martha & Friends Dog Wellness will open their new Grooming Salon before the summer!

Give your dog the perfect treatment

Martha & Friends will open its grooming salon by the summer. Our professional groomers will offer a full grooming service from bathing, drying, clipping, brushing and hand stripping according to breed standard requirements or as requested by the owner. Our grooming treatments include bathing, drying, brushing, clipping, and styling, ear cleaning and nail trimming. We also hand strip the breeds or types of dogs which require this, such as terriers and other wire-haired dogs.

Our grooming and salon treatment prices vary by breed or type of dog, size, coat condition, and character of the dog. Regular sessions with your groomer are recommended so as to keep the coat of your dog in good condition, and are most beneficial to your dog as they become part of their regular routine and contribute to their wellbeing. We encourage regular visits by offering more advantageous pricing to dogs who visit the salon every 5-6 weeks.

Full grooming

Our grooming salon is spacious and air-conditioned, and we do not keep dogs in cages or use drying cabinets. Your dogs are treated with the utmost care and our goal is not only to have them looking fantastic when they leave the salon, but also to ensure that regular visits to the groomers are a positive and relaxing experience for your dog.

Why should some dogs be hand-stripped?

Wire-haired dogs have various layers of coat that are double layered to protected their skin from sharp bushes and rocks. Due to ether modern lifestyles they no longer brush against objects that naturally remove their coat. We ‘Hand strip’ which is a process to gently remove excess dead topcoat, without clipping, leaving room for the new coat to grow. It keeps the coat tidy and healthy, protecting the dog against the elements.

At Martha & Friends Dog Wellness, we believe that hand-stripping should be done by type of dog where appropriate. If your dog has been clipped in the past, It may not be possible to revert to hand stripping.

Puppy Spa

Puppy’s First Groom introduces your puppy to the benefits of grooming and encourages them to relax in the grooming environment ready for future treatments. This 60-90 minute treatment is for puppies between 3-6 months who have had all necessary vaccinations. The treatment includes gentle body brushing, ear cleansing, bath, gentle dry, nail trim and file, introduction to teeth brushing.

Puppy Grooming trims up your puppy’s fluffy coat to keep them looking tidy while they transition to their adult coat. This is for puppies between 3-6 months and includes a bath, gentle blow dry, full body brushing, ear cleansing, nail trim and file, and an all over trim.

Nail clipping

Keeping your dog’s nails trimmed is important for many reasons including proper posture! Dogs use their pads for sensory perception and as a way of feeling and gripping surfaces, making nail trimming really important. Most dogs cannot wear down their nails naturally even when being walked on hard surfaces regularly. We can gladly help you with this!

Teeth cleaning

We will clean your dog’s teeth to aid plaque removal upon request. Hardened plaque requires removal by your vet.

While you wait…

Martha & Friends Dog Wellness has many comfortable spaces, including our café and the reading corner in our Boutique, where you can relax, have a cup of coffee or tea, work or read a good book whilst your dog is being groomed. We also offer a pick up and drop off service when required. Alternatively, we can have your dog join the Day Care Unit for the morning on the day of his or her visit.