Martha’s Rules & Etiquette

Number 1

Please always take your dog out to do his business before bringing him/her to Martha’s, whether for Day Care, Training or our other services. Our goal is to make our center a second home for your dog – please treat it with the same respect as you would your own home. Please pick up and deposit any “accidents” in the bin outside and clean up – or ask us for cleaner if your dog marks our walls. If you have forgotten to bring a poo bag, we will gladly provide you with one.

Number 2

Please keep your dog under control at all times. Please respect a distance of a minimum of 3 meters from other dogs, do not let your dog “greet” other dogs on entry or departure. Not all dogs are friendly, despite initially appearing to be so.

Number 3

All dogs must pass a general behaviour assessment (Introductory Appointment) before attending Daycare or Boarding. No dog will be admitted if they show signs of any type of aggression. Any dog in our care or in group training who displays any signs of aggression may be required to leave. Martha & Friends is always available to train dogs with behavioural issues (Private Training).

Number 4

Do not bring your dog to Martha & Friends if your dog is not well or suffering from diarrhoea or an upset stomach. It is your responsibility as dog owner to bring a healthy dog to Martha & Friends Dog Wellness which does not carry any infectious illnesses or parasites which can potentially be transmitted to other dogs. If your dog shows any sign of illness whilst in our care, we reserve the right to contact you forthwith to ask you to come and pick up your dog. Any dog showing signs of illness will be isolated until you are able to pick him up.

Number 5

Most dogs love to play, we are here to promote dog socialisation and healthy play. You should understand that dog play is monitored by Martha & Friends staff to best avoid injury. However, dogs may sustain injuries such as scratches, punctures, torn ligaments and other injuries as a result of play, despite the best supervision. Therefore, we are not to be held liable in the case of such kinds of injuries. Furthermore, Martha & Friends will not be held liable for loss or damage of property belonging to owners’ dogs (harnesses, trackers, collars, rain coats, food bowls, etc.).

Number 6

If your bitch is in season, do not bring her to Day Care for the duration of her season. You may bring her to individual training lessons, but for group lessons, please discuss this first with your trainer as this will depend on the composition of the rest of the group dogs.

Number 7

We would be grateful if you could inform us if you are late for Day Care, or not coming, as we start organizing the dogs and scheduling walks as soon as the first dogs arrive in the morning.

Number 8

Please do not come into the Day Care area upstairs without being invited by one of our team – this can disturb the other dogs who are likely to react to an “intruder”. You may of course wait for your dog inside the entrance after ringing the day care bell. Our door is usually open. We shall bring your dog to you.