Parasite Prevention Info Sheet

While we all welcome spring, we don’t welcome the parasites and pests that come along with warmer weather!

This info-sheet has been prepared by veterinarian Olivia Schoenfeld and her team at the Vetcare Clinic in Roeser:

With the onset of spring, there will be the arrival of parasites which could infest both your animals and your home. We recommend the use of parasite preventative products from March through October. They exists in several forms. Note that not all parasite preventatives are suitable for every dog and depending on the lifestyle of each dog, some dogs are more likely to catch ticks than others (those who live in a house with a large garden and walk at least 1 time a week in the forest compared to those who live in an apartment and do not walk in the forest). Please note that not every product is appropriate for every pet and many pet owners have a preference for certain products and avoid using others.

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Author:Carina Hellemaa