Physiotherapy clinic

Providing support to ensure your dog's best recovery

Our Physio Clinic is currently closed. We will re-open later this Autumn.

What are the benefits of physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy can be of enormous benefit for animals, the same as it is for humans. Physio promotes faster recovery from surgery, trauma, sports injuries, and age-related complaints. Furthermore, early diagnosis of problems with gait or posture, even with young dogs, can prevent injury and enable a return to normal movement.

We at Martha & Friends treat a wide variety of conditions: posture problems, athletic injuries, arthritis, acute and chronic back injuries, orthopaedic cases (such as hip and elbow dysplasia, knee injuries), pre and post-surgery recovery, and age-related conditions. We will work in collaboration with your veterinarian where possible.

The aim is always to alleviate pain, restore the body to optimum function and regain as much fluid, pain-free movement as possible.

At Martha & Friends we offer the following:


For your dog’s initial examination, we will perform a full body observation including looking for pressure and pain points, posture problems, coordination and gait, joint and skeletal pain, as well as tension and adhesions. Please allow 60-90 minutes for your initial examination.

The fee for the initial examination is 80€.

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Regular examinations and diagnostics play an important role in pet wellness and preventative treatment. Book a mini check-up for your dog (regardless of age) to make sure that your dog is fit, and not in pain or a full-check up to also assess their proper posture and gait.

The mini check-up lasts 30 minutes and costs 40€.

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If your canine family members have chronic health conditions or if you would like to improve the general well-being of your dog, consider massage therapy. We also offer canine massage therapy gift certificates.

Benefits of canine massage therapy; Improves blood circulation, Help dissolve formation of adhesions in the connective tissues, Reduce stiffness and provide increased comfort for dogs, especially elderly dogs, Provide relaxation (both physical and mental), Improve wellness & mobility.

Our certified canine massage therapist has wonderfully skilled hands which will leave your dog relaxed and relieved.

Price for Therapeutic Massage:
30 minutes 40€

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Manual therapy involves a more hands-on technique to realign joints and supportive structures. Relieving pain and improving flexibility in this way, can promote safe and effecient movements, thus strengthening the body more broadly.

In manual therapy, functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system are eliminated, and symptoms are alleviated with the help of mobilization, stretching and pain-relief techniques.

Manual Therapy will be included in your physiotherapy session.


Physiotherapy focuses on general postural damage and disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Your pet may benefit from physiotherapy if it:

• Has recently undergone surgery to fix a damaged limb or joint
• Suffers from arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia
• Is experiencing spinal problems
• Struggles with reduced mobility and pain
• Experiences muscle spasms, muscle tightness or has muscle knots
• Has damaged nerves or ligaments

A physiotherapy appointment last for 30-45 minutes and cost 60€. For a 10 package of therapy appointments the fee is 585€.

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With our Coordination and Gait Training we help your dog regain a proper physiological gait pattern. Due to poor posture caused by pain, dogs often get used to different gait patterns, which have a negative effect on the entire musculoskeletal system. During the training, the patients work on specific exercises to regain a more correct physiological gait. These exercises can also be coninued at home.

Our Gait Training Therapy Appointments lasts 30-45 minutes and cost 55€.

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We use the positive effect of water with our underwater treadmill as a means to build up and maintain the muscles in a way that is particularly gentle on the joints. The dog’s body weight is relieved by up to 80%. The low-impact nature of hydrotherapy exercise is used for patients of all ages, including geriatric patients with arthritis and muscle atrophy or wasting.

Water therapy can also be beneficial in treating:
• Neurological problems
• ACL injuries
• Other orthopaedic injuries or conditions
• Post-surgical healing and recovery
• Weight loss
• Metabolic conditions like Cushing’s and diabetes that can cause muscles to atrophy

The type of hydrotherapy prescribed depends on the condition being treated, as well as on the condition of the dog. During your physiotherapy appointment, our physiotherapist will determine if hydrotherapy is the right treatment for your dog and include hydrotherapy in your future physiotherapy appointments if deemed necessary.


Laser Therapy is applied to various medical procedures for people and pets alike. It is painless and, unlike many medications, doesn’t cause dangerous side effects.
The benefits of laser therapy include:

• Accelerated healing after surgery, illness, or injury
• Increased circulation
• Decreased inflammation
• Fights infection
• Relieves pain
• Reduces swelling

During a laser therapy procedure, pets relax while our physiotherapist focuses light energy directly onto the area to be treated. The laser triggers energy production in the body’s cells, which changes cellular metabolism, increases endorphins, and reduces pain. Some pets become so relaxed, they fall asleep.

Laser therapy sessions are typically scheduled several times in order to deliver the maximum advantages of the treatment. Many patients enjoy positive results after the first application. The general rule is that the more chronic the issue, the more sessions are recommended.

If your pet suffers from any of the following conditions, laser therapy might be the next best step to help them:

• Osteoarthritis
• Degenerative joint disease
• Skin or ear infections
• Muscle or ligament sprains
• Soft tissue injuries
• Burns
• Post-surgical pain
• Wound management
• Bladder inflammation
• General age-related pain
• Hip dysplasia

During your physiotherapy appointment, our physiotherapist will determine if laser therapy is the right treatment for your dog and include laser therapy in your future physiotherapy appointments if deemed necessary.




Before physio

After physio



An example of the benefits of physiotherapy : Little Biscotte before and after

Here is our patient, the young Shiba Inu Biscotte. She has a high grade hip dysplasia, diagnosed in August 2021. She had weekly sessions in the water treadmill, massage, laser treatment and targeted exercises designed to strengthen her muscles and improve coordination. Three months on, she has put on 1kg of lean muscle and is enjoying her walks again.