ProPets Launch!

Martha & Friends is migrating to a new booking and training software “ProPet”!

We are migrating to a new software platform for recording presence of dogs at Martha’s, booking new appointments, and tracking education for our clients at Martha & Friends. ProPets was created by Canadian developers who all come from dog care backgrounds and who share our passion for improving the quality of life for our pets. Using ProPets, we will be able to have all pet information (vaccines, birthdates, food allergies, vet info, etc.), training records, grooming details and physiotherapy records on one platform. We will also be able to easily upload photos and videos of your dogs during their stays with us at day-care so you can have a more visual reminder of what your dogs are up to during the day.

ProPets uses top of the industry data security so all your personal information is protected. As with all new database migrations, we may experience a few bumps along the road, but we thank you in advance for your understanding and patience. Currently we are booking in our monthly day-care dogs for April so that our day-care team can practice checking them in and out on the ProPets app and assigning them together with their best buddies, mark when they are out on a long walk or a short walk or taking a ride in our van to the nearby forests. If you get any reminders from ProPets, you will not need to do anything or pay anything (we will keep sending our invoices via Quickbooks). But feel free to upload a profile photo for your pet, add veterinarian or other relevant information, or upload any supporting documents such as breeder information or vaccination records. We will also be working on this from our records that we have on file 🙂

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Author:Carina Hellemaa