Should You Castrate Your Dog?

Martha & Friends recommends an excellent book (which we carry in Martha’s Boutique) which provides a comprehensive analysis on castration should you be considering this option for your dog. It is a highly controversial and much debated subject amongst dog owners and veterinarians, and the decision should always be taken on the basis of correct information and facts.

“Kastration und Verhalten beim Hund” by veterinarian Sophie Strodtbeck and canine behavioral scientist Udo Ganslosser considers the pros and cons of castrating or spaying a dog, and when this is advisable. They explain the effects of hormones and their impact on behavioral issues, as well as complications relating to castration or spaying.

It should be noted that castration in itself does not work miracles and in no way replaces training and behavioral therapy. Many behaviors that disturb dog owners are not caused by sex hormones. Therefore, castration in these cases will not change the behavior in question, but can even worsen it. Castration should only be considered with professional help (experienced trainer and veterinarian) through a detailed analysis of the issues, medical and behavioral.

Each dog must therefore be viewed individually, and the possible changes and their risks should be considered when deciding on neutering.

Author:Carina Hellemaa