New Summer Training Schedule & The “Coolest” Summer Must Haves!

Summer Training Schedule is up!

Our Summer Training Schedule is updated on our website: and

We have a few exciting new courses including “Understanding Dog Body Language” course:

To gain understanding of what your dog is communicating through their body language from nose to tail, join our experts in deciphering the detailed nuances of dog body language. You will get the opportunity to see your dog in different situations (meeting new people, new dogs, and other potentially tense interactions) and learn when your dog is feeling comfortable, stressed, scared or irritated.

This class will take place during two Saturdays each month from 12.45-13.45 starting 16 July.

Also, we have a new open course for dogs who may have acquired some bad habits in regards to behaviour around other dogs. Check out our “Doggie Rehab” course with lesson held on Saturdays 14.00-15.00 starting 23 July:

If you have a dog who has acquired some bad habits, who has had little or incorrect education, who needs a restart, refresh, complete change of direction, in their social patterns when introduced to new doggie friends, then this class is for you. Our trainers will identify what your dog has misunderstood and show you how to consistently turn that behaviour around. This class is for dogs from 10 months and older (even old habits can be unlearned), who have specific social problems (don’t know how to behave around other dogs) and is open for drop-ins. The only pre-requisite is you will need to book an introductory lesson so we can meet your dog before joining the class.

Martha & Friends have moved our training onto ProPets. You can book any training via your ProPets account! Use the email we usually communicate with you with, and login using your email and password (if you can’t remember your password or have never logged on then just push “forgot your password? click here” at You simply click “Book Now” and then “New Group Class Request”. You will find your class under the corresponding headline as organised on our website. 

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Author:Carina Hellemaa