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Trick Dog!

Just like children, dogs need mental stimulation and challenging exercises to help them feel fulfilled, and you will be surprised how enjoyable and meaningful your time together learning new tricks will turn out to be. Dogs engaging in trick training use an enormous amount of concentration and focus together with physical energy and exercise which means a dog who may generally make mischief is more likely to go home and sleep after trick training 🙂 We at Martha & Friends use rewards for our trick training, combining clickers and treats to reward the positive behaviour and immediately reinforce that. For owners who aspire to get into a higher level of dog training, a Trick Dog Course is the perfect place to start.

We will be hosting a Clicker Workshop (2 hours) to get dogs and owners acquainted with how to use a clicker for training (clickers are also available in Martha’s Boutique) as well as a Trick Dog Workshop (3 hours) in June. For those interested in a weekly Trick Dog Course, we will start a Trick Dog Beginner Course (6 weeks) in June and a Trick Dog Advanced Course (6 weeks) in July.

Finally, we also offer Crossdogging, the “Bundesliga” for dog clubs where dogs and their owners work in our local league to beat other teams across German speaking Europe by accomplishing various tasks and tricks together each week. These accumulate points and an eventual score within the league tables. Crossdogging was created by dog trainers in Germany and is a unique way of combining new skills and fun with challenges which are published just one hour before each session to all participating clubs.

Here are more details:

Clicker Workshop Friday 10 June 1800-2000 (50€ per person/dog team)
Trick Dog Workshop Saturday 11 June 1300-1600 (75€ per person/dog team)
Trick Dog Beginner Course Wednesdays 1830-1930 starting 1 June (150€ for 6 weeks)
Trick Dog Advanced Course Wednesdays 1830-1930 starting 13 July (150€ for 6 weeks)
Crossdogging Club Mondays 1915-2015 starting 13 June (75€ for 3 weeks)

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Author:Carina Hellemaa