Back to School For Dogs!

Back to School for Dogs!

Check out our exciting new training schedule with classes starting in August & September!

This Autumn we are thrilled to be offering a variety of new classes! Our team at Martha & Friends is here for those with young dogs and puppies and we can help you with any questions and struggles you may face with your little one!

For our puppies and young dogs we have the following age specific courses: 

Puppy Course (age 2-6 Months) Tuesdays 1645-1745 starts 23 August
Puppy Course (age 2-6 Months) Saturdays 1230-1330 starts 27 August
Young Dogs 1 (age 5-9 Months) Wednesdays 1815-1915 starts 31 August
Young Dogs 2 (age 8-12 Months) Wednesdays 1930-2030 starts 31 August

We are happy to now offer a new “Slowgility” course! Slowgility is a confidence building course perfect for older, insecure, or anxious dogs, but also for anyone who is interested in promoting their dog’s mental health. We work on concentration and staying calm while achieving specific agility goals.

For Trick and Agility training we are offering: 

Trick Dog Beginners Mondays 1800-1900 starts 5 September
Crossdogging Mondays 1915-2015 starts 5 September
Slowgility Fridays 1900-2000 starts 2 September

If you would like to learn more about what your dog is trying to tell you with their body whether this is when they meet another dog or in any unfamiliar or stressful situation you can take a communication course to learn how to better read and understand your dog and their language!

For communication courses we are offering:

Communication, Concentration, Cooperation Fridays 1745-1845 starts 2 Sept
Understanding Dog Body Language Saturdays 1230-1330 starts 3 Sept

If you are looking for fun and socialisation, we have play groups for all sizes! 

Play & Fun for small dogs under 10kg Thursdays 1900-2000
Play & Fun for big dogs over 10kg Saturdays 1115-1215

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