About us

We help you combine a busy professional and family life with the responsibilities of owning and caring for a dog

True professionalism

Four friends, experienced dog owners and breeders of champion show dogs, have had to face the challenges of combining our careers, busy family lives and our beloved dogs. We became partners in this exciting venture, with the aim of bringing true professionalism and care for dogs under the same roof, with all-weather indoor training and play areas as well as access to beautiful woodland areas for walks! All our staff are professionals with long standing experience of working with dogs. Experience is the thing we value most highly and its what sets us apart.

Martha & Friends have recently been certified by the Luxembourg Ministry of Agriculture as qualified to train all types and breeds of dogs, including breeds listed on the Luxembourg dangerous dog breed list.

Our Goals…

Happy dogs means happy owners!! Although we love our dogs, dog ownership can be stressful and time consuming, and it is tough to combine busy professional and family lives with the responsibilities of owning and caring for a dog. Our working lives can often mean that dogs have to stay at home for long hours. We understand that busy lives mean you can’t always give your dogs the attention they deserve. Our goal is to make Martha & Friends your dog’s second home, providing the love and care he/she needs as well as support of their education.

What We Do…

We aim to provide all the services your dog needs to ensure they are content and they have a fulfilling day, learning, playing and developing to their best potential. We care about their every need from training and fun activities, day care and wellbeing including grooming and physiotherapy and fitness training.

Your community

Our centre is a supportive environment designed with the dog owning community in mind. We want everyone, including parents and children to come and share their experiences, ideas and have fun! Our centre has elegant spaces where you can be comfortable and at ease to chat with others or get expert advice, or enjoy our many events and lectures.

Meet Martha!

“Martha” is our mascot and the namesake of Martha and Friends Dog Wellness. She is officially known as International, Luxembourg & Finnish Champion Scottish Terrier Tartan Dreams Magic Spell. Martha is owned and bred by Carina Hellemaa. She is one of Carina’s five Scotties, who are always present at the centre, welcoming our guests every morning and ready to play!

Meet the Team

Carina Hellemaa

Founder and Managing Director

Tanja Karpela

Head Trainer - Martha & Friends and International K9 Institute Ltd

Viktorija Zilinskaite

Head Groomer

Valentina Ossola

Veterinarian, Physiotherapy & Rehab

Lea Tummeleht

Trainer - International K9 Institute Ltd

Perrine Capello

Leader, Daycare Team

Beatriz Branco

Daycare Team

Artur Bonarski

Daycare Team

Marta Ferreira

Assistant Groomer

Saman Farzane

Daycare Team

Nathaly Ikeoka Eroles

Daycare Team

Lena Mertens

Trainer and Daycare

Isabel Weber

Guest Trainer, Show Ring Training and Junior Handling

Verena Helfrich

Guest Trainer

Jacqueline Koerfer

Guest Trainer

The Founding Team

Carina Hellemaa

Founder and Managing Director

Annukka Paloheimo-Segersven


Lars Windfeldt


Helen Valentine


Join our growing team!

If you are experienced, enthusiastic and passionate about dogs and would like to join our team of dog care professionals and trainers, please contact us and send us your resume and qualifications to