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Events & Lectures

We cover interesting and topical subjects

Interesting and Informative

We host lectures and workshops covering interesting and topical subjects by our own trainers as well as guest speakers. These are held in our cafe and indoor training hall at Martha & Friends.

Puppy Parents' Evening

With Anne Barrere

Who for: New Puppy Parents Date: New date will follow soon! Location: Martha & Friends

Our puppy parents' evening is aimed at new puppy owners as well as those who want to become puppy owners in the future. The discussions will focus on various topics such as puppy development, education, house training and other issues facing new parents. There is also room for people to ask questions, and share experiences regarding your puppies.

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Diabetic Alert Service Dogs (in German)

With Anne Barrere (in German)

Who for: Dog owners Date: New date will follow soon! Location: Martha & Friends

Would you like to learn more about Diabetic Warning Dogs and how to train them? Would you like to start training your own dog? In this talk you will learn more about how Diabetic Warning Dogs work with their owners, how they can be trained, and which dogs can be trained to become Diabetic Alert Service Dogs.

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Diploma Program Q&A

with Covey McAllister

Who for: Dog Owners Date: 28 January 19.00-20.00 Location: Martha & Friends

Learn more about our new training structure and diploma programs with this one hour question and answer session. All participants will get a full transcript of training already accomplished and directed towards programs that best suit their current training direction. Book by email to

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