Working Dog Services

Professional Dogs with a Job to Do!

Working Dog Services

High quality working dog and training services with experience and professionalism. We are a team of working dog professionals who, in cooperation with professionals in various other fields, are able to provide our clients with both detection dog services and follow-up procedures based on dogs’ searches. So you will always get help to complete the project, even if the dog work is done.


Explosive Detection Dogs

An Explosive Detection Dog is an unbeatable aid in locating and searching for unexploded ordnance on excavation sites during work, at the end of work, at handover, or when there is a change of contractor. All of our trainers have several years of solid experience in training and operatively working with special detection dogs. The use of Explosive Detection Dogs is economical, reduces the risk of accidents, and saves time. Our Explosive Detection Dogs are ready to work to find unexploded construction site explosives, both on old explosive bases and during quarrying. The customer will receive a comprehensive survey of the area inspected by the Explosive Detection Dogs, including GPS routes and observation points.

Bed Bug Detection Dogs

Detecting small pests such as bed bugs and cockroaches can sometimes be challenging with human effort. The dog’s superior sense of smell helps in identifying and locating pest cases when fast and reliable results are desired. In addition to the adult bedbug and cockroach, dogs also recognise their various stages of development and unhatched eggs. Dogs have been taught not to react to dead bedbugs, dead cockroaches, or other insects.

The dog is also an invaluable aid in locating active nest cavities in rats and in finding fresh traces and routes. Thus, the use of a dog can ensure the successful placement of control stations as well as the effective control of rats.

Nature Conservation Dogs

Using a dog is a superior way to explore the search area confidently and accurately, even for hidden things that are difficult for the human senses to detect. Dogs are also able to inspect areas when the observation time is difficult for humans. All our dogs are highly trained, safe, and reliable, and their use in searches and surveys is very cost-effective.