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Teach you kids about dogs

If children can gain experience in dealing with dogs and / or grow up with them, this is a wonderful addition for life! However, children have to learn how to approach dogs safely, how to assess the language of a dog and in incremental steps learn to handle and communicate with a dog independently.

We offer different courses for kids & dogs.

Kids & Dogs Camps

Kids & Dogs Autumn Camp

with Beatrice Feider

Who for: Kids age 7-12 Date: 30 October-3 November (09.00-12.00 each day except 1 November) Location: Martha & Friends

We start the week with dog anatomy and basic physical and emergency care and then our training team works on dog nutrition, cooking doggie snacks, leash training, trick training, learning about working dogs, and scent work culminating in a big Scent Hunt with the kids and their dogs. Each camp is different to keep the kids learning and growing in their relationship and handling of dogs. Even if you don't have your own dog, we can provide a staff dog so they can still join in on the hands on activities.

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Junior Handler Workshops

with Isabel Weber

Who for: age 7-12 Date: More to come.. Location: Martha & Friends

Does your child have an innate passion for dogs? Do you to want to empower them with life-long skills about being responsible and a good sport – whether winning or losing? Junior Handling is a sport for young people where they show off their dog handling skills.
Children learn the basics of ring training, showing their breed specific dogs, while there is a strong emphasis on having fun with your dog in the ring, which is the basis for true showmanship!

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Pawsitive Badges

Kids & Dogs Class 1st Trimester (12 weeks)

With Beatrice Feider

Who for: Kids from 7-12 Date: Saturdays 10.00-11.00 starting 16.09.23 Location: Martha & Friends

The children will learn to train and work with their dog. To join this course, the children should be able to hold the leash of their dog and to be able to control. A parent may assist here! At the end of the course the kids will be tested on their new found skills and will get the "Pawsitive badge Level 2". In this course, the dog trainer Lena Mertens attaches great importance to the fact that all content is prepared and conveyed in a pedagogically meaningful way.

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