Daycare and Boarding Terms & Conditions

General Information

The monthly registration offers the benefit of providing your dog with a steady and consistent schedule and the opportunity to socialise with the same group of familiar dog friends. Of course, you can still sign your dog up for some drop-in days, and this will be charged the drop-in rate (52€ per day – plus € 5 “puppy charge” for dogs under one year old).

Martha & Friends will be flexible with you and your dog in the event your dog is sick or your family is away on holiday. You would just need to write us as early as possible to let us know your dog will miss a day and we will arrange a make-up day so that they don’t lose any Daycare days. Below is the full detail of our Daycare Monthly (and Drop-In) policies.

Boarding at Martha & Friends is only available to our regular monthly contract dogs on a first come first serve basis. We offer 24-hour care with a member of staff present at all times, and we only take in a limited number of dogs per night. The dogs have the full use of our premises after the day care facilities are cleaned and close for the night (or weekend), and are usually kept together in a “family-like” environment.

By agreeing to the Monthly package/plan and your payment thereof, you automatically agree to following the policies below.

Payment Policy

Monthly invoices will be sent at the beginning of each month, and are due and payable within 7 days. The drop-in days, if there are any taken during the month, are added up and invoiced at the end of each month, again payable within 7 days.

Please note: any bookings for boarding only become valid once the invoice is paid, even if the booking itself is in advance.

Absence Policy

If a planned holiday interferes or coincides with your dog’s chosen day care days, or your dog is not well enough to come to day care, we will do our best to offer you a make-up schedule. To request a make-up day, we need to be notified at least 24 hours in advance! Keep in mind you may need to be flexible to ensure that your dog can attend a make-up daycare day and make-ups are not guaranteed. For any extended injuries or illnesses that prevent your dog from attending Daycare we will need a signed note from your veterinarian.

This policy also applies when you know (for any reason) that your dog won’t be able to attend a specific daycare – meaning that you always need to let us know with at least 24 hours in advance. If this doesn’t take place, your dog will be marked as a “no-show” and no make-up day will be offered.

Equipment Policy

Owners are responsible for supplying their dogs with an appropriately fitting collar or harness and lead. Martha & Friends will not be responsible for any incidents that arise due to defective or ill-fitting equipment.

Martha & Friends will not be held liable for loss or damage of property belonging to your dog (harnesses, trackers, collars, rain coats, food bowls, etc.), either damaged by your dog or another dog sharing the same space.

Medical and Insurance Policy

All dogs must be vaccinated with the vaccines required in Luxembourg as well as annual vaccines as recommended by the veterinarian community (such as kennel cough), and they also should be covered appropriately against ticks and other parasites, both internal and expernal.

Most dogs love to play, and we are here to promote dog socialisation and healthy play. You should understand that dog play is monitored by Martha & Friends staff to best avoid injury. However, dogs may sustain injuries such as scratches, punctures, torn ligaments and other injuries as a result of play, despite the best supervision. Therefore, we are not to be held liable in the case of such kinds of injuries. Our insurance doesn’t cover for injuries that are the result of dogs playing with each other, jumping or disagreements between the dogs.

If your dog gets injured or needs medical attention while in the care of Martha & Friends, we reserve the right and obligation to seek veterinarian care. Any fees incurred, including transportation fees, will be charged. We will make every attempt to contact the owner. However, should circumstances require immediate attention we will first attend to the medical issue at hand prior to attempts to make contact. Unless for specific reasons, our insurance doesn’t cover for injuries that are the result of: dogs playing with each other, jumping or behaviour disorders.

Sick or Unruly Dog Policy

The staff at Martha & Friends retain the right to send your dog home if your dog is coughing, vomiting, diarrhea, sneezing, or generally ill.

For Martha & Friends to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for our staff and dogs, we cannot accept aggressive or dogs who are easily over-stressed or who display disruptive behaviour (continuous barking). We may send your dog home or recommend training before readmittance into our Daycare.

Martha & Friends reserves the right to cancel the agreement at any time if your dog represents a danger to other dogs or our staff. Also, if your dog starts to present behaviour issues and training is recommend by our staff, and this recommendation is not adhered to, we reserve the right to cancel the monthly contract without refund.

Late Pick Policy

Martha & Friends will charge a standard fee of 15€ per hour if you are picking your dog up outside of our standard operating hours (07h00 – 19h00). We reserve the right to charge a 24-hour boarding fee (70€) if the owners don’t communicate about their intended pick-up time when late.

Renewal & Termination

The monthly contract will be automatically renewed each month. Martha & Friends requires one month’s notice of cancellation via email. Please note that failure to cancel a monthly invoice within this time will incur the normal monthly payment.

If a client cancels a monthly contract, we can not guarantee a space in our day care, if and/or when you might choose to return.

Boarding Cancellation

For confirmed boarding bookings, if you need to cancel or shorten your boarding request, the following cancellation fees do apply:

6 weeks or more notice: no cancellation fee;
4-6 weeks notice: 25% cancellation fee;
2-4 weeks notice: 50% cancellation fee;
1-2 weeks notice: 75% cancellation fee;
Less than 7 days notice: 100% cancellation fee.