Late Autumn Training: A Few Spots Remain!

Puppy Course
How to start training a small puppy? What skills should the puppy learn first? How to get a puppy motivated, enthusiastically and happily training with its handler and only focusing on its handler. How should the puppy get used to different environments and teach handling? We practice these things together in the puppies’ own course. The group is a small group and we proceed with the terms and conditions of each puppy safely and consistently.

Teenage Dog 1
Dogs from 5-8 months In addition to learning commands that can make everyday life easier, in the “Teenage Dogs” class, learning on a social and emotional level plays a major role. All exercises are individually adapted to age, the level of development and the composition of the training group.

Plus more, including our upcoming winter training courses…

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Author:Carina Hellemaa