Be A Star In The Ring + New Sunday Training!

New Sunday Courses
Recall: Is your dog a master of selective hearing? Does he suddenly transform into Olympic sprinters the moment you call his name? Well, fear not, because our 6-week Recall course is here to save the day! 🐾 Learn to turbocharge your pup’s “come when called” ability 🐾 Learn to decode the secret language of treats and praise 🐾 Learn to navigate distractions like squirrels, other dogs, and mysterious scents. Become more secure in your dog’s recall. 🐾  Sundays 11.00-12.00 starting 17 September. (200€)

Impulse Control: Improve your dog’s self-control skills and have fun as we tackle those tempting impulses head-on! Is your dog a bit too eager around passing cars, motorcycles, or even other dogs? Our hugely entertaining 6-week impulse control course is here to turn those ‘drive-by distractions’ into moments of triumph. 🚗🏍️ Imagine your dog strolling past parked cars without a second glance. 🚶‍♂️🚴‍♀️ Picture your dog sitting calmly as pedestrians pass by. 🐶🐕 Visualise your dog acing the art of ignoring other playful pooches. Get ready for tail-wagging progress and paws-itively entertaining training sessions. Our expert trainers will lead your dog through hilarious scenarios, teaching them to pause, think, and make the right choices amidst all the excitement. No more sudden sprints, no more tugs-of-war – just a focused, confident, and oh-so-cool canine. Sundays 12.00-13.00 starting 17 September (200€)

Author:Carina Hellemaa