Kids & Dogs Summer Camps And More!

Martha & Friends Summer Kids & Dog Camps!

We had a wonderful week with our Kids & Dogs Camp 11-15 April! We started the week with dog anatomy and basic physical and emergency care with our Canine physiotherapist Lisah, and then our training team worked on dog nutrition, cooking doggie snacks, leash training, learning about working dogs, and scent work culminating in a big Easter Egg Hunt with the kids and their dogs.

We have scheduled two Kids & Dogs Camps this summer which will run for 3 hours each morning and cost 275€ per week (includes both Child and Dog):

18-22 July 0900-1200 each day
1-5 August 0900-1200 each day

To register send us your child’s full name, date of birth, your dog’s full name, date of birth and breed, and your phone number. An introductory appointment may be required for your dog!

Our trainers speak English and German.

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Author:Carina Hellemaa