Martha’s Monthly!

As you may have noticed on our website, Martha’s day care rates will be updated as of 1 November.

This is the time to commit to bringing your dog to Martha’s on a regular basis each week. Like children, our dogs benefit from good routines and structured days. At Martha’s we combine play, education, exercise, and a nice nap after lunch. Martha & Friends is your dog’s second home and our “regulars” are able to stay over weekends, overnights and holidays comfortably in a familiar place.

Our drop-in rates are now:
Full Day: €45

Trial Day: €35

Puppy supplement (up to 1 year of age): €5/per day

Our monthly rates are now:

One Day/ Week: €195

Two Days/ Week: €365

Three Days/ Week: €520

Four Days/ Week: €605

Five Days/ Week €700

(Puppy Supplement not charged for Monthly Registrations)

To sign up for a Monthly Program just send us an email at

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Author:Carina Hellemaa