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Summer Training and News!

Basic Obedience Training, Scent Detection Course and Fun!

We still have some spaces in our group training course in the following classes (when you know in advance that you will miss a week or two, we can deduct the price and arrange for you to have a private lesson with the trainer to recover the missed information):

Nosework and Scent Detection Courses: 

At Martha & Friends Dog Wellness, and joining the training programs of our Guest Trainer Jacqueline Koerfer (Spuernasenarbeit) and our new Head Trainer, Tanja Karpela (ik9i), we offer different levels of nosework for dogs, from “starting a new hobby” and simply increasing teamwork between dog and handler in a fascinating and to the dog, hugely pleasurable way, to more in-depth learning from basics to indication and detection work on chosen target scents. From environmental protection work to seeking truffles or other targets – join us for a new and exciting journey with your dog! 🐾🐕🍀Our new partnership between Martha & Friends and ik9i  means that we shall also offer professional level training in Scent Detection work. Contact Tanja or Carina Hellemaa if interested or if you have questions about this!

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Author:Carina Hellemaa