Detective Dog Handling

Weekend Workshops And Becoming A Super Dog!

Weekend Workshop & Webinar!

Separation Anxiety Workshop: If your dog has had negative experiences with separation in their past, or it has inherited its fearful nature, there is a specific technique to use when addressing this emotional issue. We start training with counter conditioning and desensitization. Join our trainer, Tanja Karpela, for first-hand help in getting your dog to be more comfortable when left alone.

Sunday 23 July 3 PM-6 PM, 90€ per participant. Register on ProPets or at

Webinar: How to Handle Your Dog in Scent Detection: A two hour webinar hosted by Karita Häkkinen, a qualified special detection dog trainer. Dive into interesting scent detection work and learn how to handle the dog correctly in different situations without disturbing the dog’s work. The handler’s roll in the dog’s scent work can be significant, for better or worse. With the right guidance, the dog will be able to give his best. This webinar will give you the tools to teach your dog to learn scent work most effectively, and to work with your dog in a way that supports his performance.


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Author:Carina Hellemaa